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Blaisin' Shows


Daily & Weekly Podcasts

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Blaisin' Access Podcast

Connecting the Community to the Disabled World

Did you know nearly one out of six people have a disability?

The Blaisin’ Access show highlights disability issues, programs/services, and showing disabled people can succeed in an able-bodied world.

The host, Blaise Bryant, has been completely blind since birth. He has defeated the social stereotype by  achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, working full-time, and an active disability rights activist in the community.

 Blaisin' History Podcast

Blaisin’ Through History One Week At a Time

Have you thought about history beyond your high school text books?


The host, Blaise Bryant, will turn back time and talk about historical blasts from the past.


He will also talk with fellow history buffs to see what they think.

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Black and white Picture of Blaise smiling at the camera.

Blaise Bryant

Executive Producer & Host

Breakfast with Blaise Show

Jump Start Your Day with Daily News & Tunes

Want to get your local news unfiltered?

The Breakfast with Blaise show highlights the stories you need to know here in Albany, NY and New York state.

While jammin' to good vibe tunes.

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